It’s Fashion Revolution Week!

And I’ll be loading your brain with sustainable fashion facts – bear with me!


Sooo, what the heck is sustainable fashion?

Simply put, it’s the kind of fashion that doesn’t hurt the environment and the people who come in contact with it – both those who produce it and those who wear it.

Why Fashion Revolution Week?

The Fashion Revolution Week is an annual event commemorating the day of the Rana Plaza factory collapse (April 24, 2013) that killed 1138 people and injured twice as many. To find out who should pay the damages, the ruins of the factory had to be rummaged for labels – the only way to pin those responsible for the inadmissible working conditions that led to the catastrophe. The most popular campaign held during the FRW is called “Who made my clothes?” and you can participate, too!

What can we do?

Get informed and spread the word! The good places to read up on the subject:

Participate in the campaign online, attend conferences and other FRW related events in your country.

Sign the petition for transparency in the apparel business.

Think over your fashion choices. Abstain from hitting the “Buy” button today, visit the local second-hand shop, invite your friends to a clothes swap party, challenge yourself to buy exclusively from fashion’s “good guys” and boycott the “bad guys”, teach yourself to mend your clothes

The most important thing: don’t be indifferent! Your voice counts!




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