Raspberry or strawberry?

You can call me a snob but I have to tell you one thing about expensive yarn: when you pay for quality, it’s totally worth it!

I have recently bought several skeins of one such yarn… Ever since I laid my hands on it (both literally and figuratively), I can hardly resist the desire to top it with whipped cream and chocolate sauce and feast on it while nobody’s watching.

Its colour… Mmm… How can I describe its colour? It’s very “berry”, but it’s hard to say whether it’s strawberry or raspberry, because it’s kind of both. There’s a subtle variation in the tint that will give the knitted fabric a mysterious shimmer, like that of a precious stone.

alpaca-colour-closeAnd I’m not telling you how soft it is! Oh, actually, I am… It’s as soft as the belly of a kitten freshly washed with a hair conditioner… It’s as soft as the ears of a baby alpaca… Oh, wait, it is baby alpaca! Anyway, you’ve got the idea.

And if you want me to put a name on it, it’s Alpaca colour by Rowan, shade 138 “Ruby”. (There are also “Agate”, “Emerald”, “Topaz” and so on. You can check the whole assortment on Rowan’s website).

I have never worked with this yarn before, so I cannot tell you how it behaves when you knit or how well it wears, but so far it looks very promising. I’m casting on as soon as possible and then – time will show!