You won’t believe it: I’ve knitted myself a vest!

It took me nearly two months: two month, people! It’s almost nothing! It’s a very reasonable lapse of time taking into account my ever-present-mostly-awake-always-ready-for-mischief kid! A vest in two months is a fabulous achievement! Does it mean I’m back in my knitting saddle? Let’s hope so, for everyone’s good.

So, here it is!


Front view…

Back view...

Back view…

"Pinned" up )))

“Pinned up” for extra warmth…

Man, is it warm! Alpaca totally deserves its fame! As you might remember, I used Alpaca Colour by Rowan (7 skeins minus leftovers). Now, let’s talk about this yarn: it looks gorgeous in a skein, it feels like feathers against your skin and it knits pretty well, BUT it has a strong tendency to felt. I kept my vest in a cotton bag while working on it and only pulled out the part I was knitting but it still felted a little. So, if you knit something with this yarn, be careful when you wash your finished object. I haven’t washed my vest yet, I was too eager to share with you! I’ll keep you updated on how it goes through the wash – by hand, of course: it’ll be cool water, shampoo and as little shaking as possible…

And I have more good news for you: while I’m not planning¬† to write a pattern for the vest, I’m almost done with the pattern of the shawlette (or cowlette?) that I knitted before (and kept it secret, ha-ha!) and that has actually inspired me to knit this vest! So, how about a new pattern, ladies?


“Swatch Vest”

Swatching might be fun but knitting is a hundred times better! As someone who doesn’t like to waste time and yarn, I decided to put my new knitting skills to work at once and made this little vest for my baby boy.


swatch vest

As you can see, there’s (bottom to top) a braided cast on, a two) colour ribbing, a Latvian braid, a bit of simple colourwork, more Latvian braids and colourwork, a patch of horizontal herringbone and an applied two-colour i-cord. Besides, I have knitted the top part of the back using a completely new technique: knitting from right to left and then from left to right, with the right side always facing. I’m not sure I could do it with a more complicated colour pattern but it’s a great way to avoid steeks.

swatch vest-back

And here’s Teddy kindly demonstrating the vest while the baby is sleeping!


Good knitting everyone!