Week 16: Seamless crochet

w16I’ve been hesitating whether to post this video because it’s in Russian but, after all, this is my blog! Besides, the technique itself is a real treasure for someone who, like myself, loves the look of crocheted motifs but hates the idea of having to sew them together. Let’s say, you want to crochet something like this:

The usual way is to begin every flower at the centre (yarn tail 1) and cut the yarn once you’ve finished it (yarn tail 2), which leaves you way too many yarn tails… Now, some clever person has found a way to remedy for that: you start the first flower (yarn tail 1) and cut the yarn (yarn tail 2) once you’ve finished the project! Just two yarn tails! Well, provided you don’t change yarn colour…

All right, here is the video tutorial. As I’ve said, it’s in Russian but if you can crochet, you’ll understand how it works! I actually watched it with the sound cut off because my baby was sleeping…

Part One: http://pinterest.com/pin/568298046698965220


Part Two: http://pinterest.com/pin/568298046699003303


And here’s the pattern for the scarf I used as illustration above!