An apple a day…

As you can guess, it’s all about food again! And yummy pictures! In spite of lousy lighting conditions, I  can’t stop photographing, so bear with me…

Today’s “hero food” (that’s what you call your subject in food photography) is… apples! And not just “some kind of” but the sweet, firm, crunchy, juicy Jonagold apples “Made in Belgium”! Local is cool, especially when it tastes soo good!

As I said, these apples are a treat by themselves but if you want to take them one step further, try “pommes au four” (baked apples). Remove the cores, stuff with raisins and nuts, seal with a chunk of cold butter, sprinkle with cinnamon – and into the oven they go! I baked mine at 180°C for about 40 minutes but time can vary depending on the oven. The rule of the thumb is: when they crack, they’re ready. If you’re not sure, poke one with a toothpick: it must be uniformly soft. Pull out of the oven, wait until they chill a bit (if you can) and devour! No guilt, all pleasure – they are 100% fruit, right? Great for kids, too!


Hey, what are you waiting for?