Well, Hello 2016!

Last year I made the mistake of not asking for anything in particular and look what 2015 has brought: Ebola, ISIS, refugee crisis… 2015,  really, was this your idea of a decent present?

Now, dear 2016, to avoid any misunderstanding, here’s my list of New Year wishes:

  1. Peace on Earth (and other inhabited planets). Cliché as it may sound, is there anything, ever, more important than peace?
  2. Health for myself and my loved ones. Please 2016, I don’t want to hear the words “I’ve been diagnosed with cancer” again! Can’t we have a break this year?
  3. Personal growth. (One can never have enough of it, right?) I’d love to become stronger, more independent and learn to finish my countless projects. I guess that’s what they call “growing up” (anyway, I’d rather grow up than down or sideways ))).

And that’s it: three wishes, like in fairy-tales. By the way, I have some hope with number three, thanks to a book I recently came across, “Refuse to choose” by Barbara Sher. I’m still in the process of reading it but I can already tell you that it has opened my eyes on something that I, somehow, never realised: the reason why it’s so easy for me to start a new project and so difficult to finish it, the reason why I’m constantly jumping from one interest to another, why I seem to be interested in everything and ready to learn pretty much anything, and with lots of enthusiasm, why I’m having more “brilliant” ideas than I can write down and that never bring me any profit…

If you have recognized yourself in this description, you might be what Barbara Sher calls a “scanner” (or a Renaissance person, or a polymath – if that sounds better to you) – someone who is constantly “scanning” the world for whatever catches his or her attention, a person of a great curiosity and many talents. Now, I’d rather be a scanner than a looser, wouldn’t you? In any case, it’s great to know that you’re neither a failure, nor alone – you simply happen to own a set of brains that’s wired in a different way and that allows you to do funny things that “normally wired” people won’t even think of. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I read about scanners, I felt a great relief: not bad for a start, huh?

By the way, I have a couple of ideas… But I’ll tell you all about it later )))


Welcome, 2015!

welcome2015It’s January 6th and the blogs and websites around the globe are full of New Year resolutions. It’s rather inspiring to see so much hope and optimism in the middle of winter and I’ve been playing with the idea of writing my own list for a while… but no! I’m not making any New Year resolutions. Instead, I’ll profit from this atmosphere of universal bliss to recharge my batteries and reflect on the year to come.

Will it be a good one?

I hope so.

Anyway, what is a “good” year? In wine making, a good year is one with optimal weather conditions allowing the grapes to ripen to their full. In business, a good year is one that’s brought high profits. But a good year in one’s life? 2014 was a “good” year for me but it was also the year when my Grandma died. I loved my Gran but, all things put together, I still think it was a good year… That’s the problem with drawing bottom-lines: even if you manage to remember all the events of the year and calculate the positive to negative ratio, the result won’t necessarily reflect how you feel about it. Feelings don’t easily quantify and it’s probably better this way.

So, what do I expect from 2015? The answer is simple: whatever it brings.

Come on, 2015, surprise me!

P.S. Don’t worry, dear readers, skipping the to-do list doesn’t mean I’m short of ideas and projects – as you will soon see!