My new knitting buddy

In the beginning it was meant to be a hen. Then a sheep. Then a knitting elf. In the end it became a hitherto unknown (but very cute and friendly) species of a knitting buddy. Her job (it’s a “she”) is to keep an eye on my knitting projects, prevent the yarn from tangling and correct the wrong stitches while I’m asleep.

My son has already claimed her to be HIS buddy. He calls her “Miii-miii” and he’s probably right: there’s a great part of “me” in this doll (the me in Mimmi, the ewe in you….): she wears jeans all the time, her hair is a mess and her head dangles dangerously when she’s not propped against some piece of furniture… just like me when I’m tired!  To tell you the truth, the dangling head is a fault of construction: in anticipation of the number of times she’ll get wet, or dirty, or both, I decided not to use a wire “skeleton”, and without this extra support (and with the weight of the “lion’s mane”) the head is too heavy. But I find that this “hanging” head gives her even more character! Sooo… here she is!


Mimmi the knitting buddy

You’ll hear more from both of us very soon! And until then – good summer knitting to all of you!