I’m in love with Pierrot…

No, my husband has nothing to worry about! Because Pierrot is… a yarn company from Japan!

I’ve stumbled across their patterns before without paying much attention, but this time I’m smitten. By this one:

© "Pierrot Yarns" (Gosyo Co., Ltd.)

© “Pierrot Yarns” (Gosyo Co., Ltd.)

With a good balance of warmth and lightness, this little sweater will be a welcome addition to my autumn wardrobe.

So far, it’s been very easy to knit: the lace pattern has just the right degree of repetitiveness, without being boring. And it knits in no time! I wont’ exaggerate if I say that it’s one of the most relaxing projects I’ve ever worked on.

The drawbacks? There is no row-by-row description that most of us are used to… Instead, you are provided with a couple of schemes that might at first look intimidating, but become very clear once you’ve sat down and stared at them long enough (Warning: this process needs a bit more concentration than usual, so I suggest that you do it alone and make your coffee strong, very strong). Once you have deciphered the schematics, you will be struck by its logic and elegance and wonder why on earth people ever need detailed knitting instructions…

In case you’ve been wondering: no, it’s not a sponsored post. I really enjoy this project: challenging and relaxing at the same time, it’s just perfect for me!

Triple hurray to minimalism!