Who made my shoes?

Fashion Revolution Week is coming to its close and there’s no better way to end it in glory than participate in the Who made my clothes? campaign!

I usually cut the tags on my clothes: those on the neck scratch mercilessly and those in the side seam create a funny bulge on one’s hip, so I’m better without!

OK, I cannot show them off. BUT: I’ve got shoes!

Let me introduce you to my collection! These are all the shoes I own, except a pair of winter boots and a pair of flip-flops. I didn’t include the former because I know exactly where they were made and I completely forgot about the latter when I staged the photo shot…

So, can anybody tell me #whomademyshoes?


Retro love

Hello everyone! Thanks for commenting on the previous post, Cheryl! The mittens keep growing, albeit slowly: unfortunately one cannot knit and learn how to make websites at the same time, so I’m trying to alternate… But I’ll have to knit faster now that the temperatures have fallen below zero. In the meantime, my old mittens will keep me warm as well as they can.

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My own fashion revolution – 2

As promised, I continue my reflections on today’s fashion and the necessity to review our attitude to it.

I hope I’ve managed to – if not persuade you of the necessity of a fashion revolution – then, at least, make you think of it as a possible way of solving some of the global ethical and ecological challenges.

Source: https://secondhandchallenge.wordpress.com/

This must be me ))) Source: https://secondhandchallenge.wordpress.com/

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