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Baking news: home-made petit-beurre cookies

Who doesn’t like the petit-beurre cookies? Light, crisp and buttery, they are one of the favourite “coffee mates” (if it weren’t for the heavenly Speculoos, I’m sure they would have been the favourite ones) that get dipped in that morning/afternoon cup of yours. So it’s no wonder that people keep trying to reproduce their delicate taste and structure at home. I have checked a number of French recipes and all of them are essentially the same: you begin with a generous amount of butter that is heated in a pan with sugar, a pinch of salt and some sort of liquid until it starts to boil. Then you let it cool, mix in the dry ingredients, and leave the dough in the fridge overnight. The next day begins the fun part: rolling, cutting and baking. And tasting. With coffee. Or milk. Or tea. You name it. You want it. You get it!


I followed this recipe replacing powdered milk and water with liquid milk. I also added something like two spoonfuls of shredded coconut because I like biscuits with a little more flavour, and a spoonful of wheat bran to give them a rustic look and a healthier fibre content (that’s where the speckles come from). The flavour still remained somewhat neutral, so next time I’ll add grated orange peel or almond flour and see if they do the trick. As a friend of mine says, I’m hard to please when it comes to baking… Otherwise, these are very good cookies: the texture is there, the taste is subtle and buttery, the kid loves them and I know exactly what they are made from. Hm… I think I’ll go and eat one right now, just to make sure the flavour isn’t there…