Kniting socks


I must admit that these later days knitting kind of socks… (sorry for the pun, I couldn’t resist). When your kid becomes auto-mobile (and moving in random directions), your knitting time shrivels to nearly non-existence. Which doesn’t necessarily diminish your desire to knit. The only solution is to choose small portable projects, simple enough to drop in the middle of the row and pick up again, and again, and again… Hence, the socks. After all, we need to keep those little feet warm, don’t we?

Here I should make a digression and tell you about my Mum. My Mum is a great knitter and one day she wrote a sock knitting guide for me. I wasn’t particularly interested in socks at that time so I put it in a folder and forgot about it, but now it’s become my favourite roadmap in the land of sloping heels, grazing gussets and turbulent toes. It has everything one needs to make a good pair of socks, and in handwriting, please! That’s what I call made with love! Thanks Mum!