There and back

Whoa, it’s been nearly a month… again! But I have a mighty good reason for this long silence: I’ve been away!

From home…

And from knitting!

I intentionally didn’t take my knitting with me and know what? – I survived! I did miss my stitches but I was set to have a good time, and so I did! Thanks to this self-imposed “knitting fast” and the kindness of Mr. Toddler (or should I rather call him Mr. Preschooler now that he’s nearing the age of 3?) who had a siesta almost every afternoon, I suddenly gained some reading time that I hugely enjoyed.

What kind of book can keep me awake during the hottest hours? Detective stories, of course! I read The Body in the Library, A Carribean Mystery and An Autobiography (I’m still on it) by Agatha Christie and The Hound of Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle: all (except the autobiography) in Ukrainian, which made the reading even a greater pleasure. If your eyebrows just went up with surprise, it’s because you ignore that I grew up in Ukraine and, not unlike the mythological Antaeus who drew his force from his mother the Earth, I feel revitalised whenever I read in Ukrainian (and whenever I read good crime fiction – double score!)

I didn’t take many pictures, mostly because being on holiday is about enjoying the moment, rather than rushing to record it. I did take the usual “Been there, seen that” and “Look how my kid is super cute” pictures but don’t worry, I won’t post them here! Instead, here is my favourite: I love it for the calm and relaxing atmosphere and the minimalist composition. I don’t know about you, but I could have one of these every evening until the end of my days and never get weary!


A very good day to all of you, friends!