Pistachio and almond biscotti

Guess what? I’ve noticed that food posts make my traffic stats explode every time, which is both flattering and funny: apparently, people are more interested in yummy things, than in knitting, parenting or even style cures, to say nothing of pictureless texts. I blame the modern times for this: everyone is in a hurry and pictures can be consumed on the go, while words need more time and mental effort to be properly digested… Also, you can’t really judge the quality of your text “meal” before you read it, while a picture’s immediateness allows for a simultaneous contemplation-evaluation experience. So, pictures be it. At least, for now.

I made this collage last night – just for you! Enjoy!


If they make your mouth water, here’s the link to the recipe (it’s in Italian, but there are step-by-step pictures). Advice: make sure to beat the eggs and sugar really well, it’ll make all the difference!

A very good week to all of you!