Time for a change!


As you might have noticed, my posting rate has been terribly low lately…

Don’t worry: I’m still alive and doing as well as one possibly can. As for the silence… There’s no valid reason, really, except the feeling that my beloved blog is becoming a bit stale. Which means it’s time for a

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Source: Web

I know, you know, we know that my writing addiction isn’t going to be cured any soon, so there’s no question I let go of my blog, but I find that my self-imposed blogging limits are making it… boring. Nothing is more toxic than boredom: it drains your resources and turns fun into a chore, and I definitely don’t want to go this way. That’s why I need something new, a fresh concept, a change of direction.

But what kind of change? What shall I write about to keep the audience and the speaker entertained? Should I concentrate exclusively on knittingĀ  and turn my blog into a tool of semi-professional self-promotion or, on the contrary, make it more personal and write about the things that might appeal to no one but me?

Speaking about interests, I’ve been very curious about style lately, I even began writing a style guide – laugh if you please! – and was working happily until I asked myself the most inspiration-friendly question: “Hey, who do you think you are, a fashion guru or something? Do you think you can say anything new about style? And, by the way, did you even look in the mirror today – because your hair kind of defies gravity right now and there’s some funny reddish stuff just above your left eyebrow…” Thus, the masterpiece was killed in the bud and its author brought safely back to her Facebook newsroll… when, for once, something useful actually came out of staring at the familiar white-and-blue page: a friend who created a Facebook group dedicated to minimalism, invited me to join her as an admin. Now, it happens that minimalism is exactly the approach I prefer when dealing with style questions… And no further than a couple of days ago I was explaining my “rules” of personal style to another friend of mine… A curious coincidence, isn’t it? Or is it something more? Could it be a sign: a big, bold, into-your-face road sign clearly pointing the direction my blogging efforts should take?

What do you think?