Spring and summer palette

As the days grow longer and warmer (hm… well, at least in theory), my colour preferences begin to gravitate towards blues and yellows. The dark, “midnight” variety of blue is a recent colour obsession of mine, while yellow is an old favourite. Now, there’s a funny thing about me and the colour yellow: while not being part of “my” palette, it somehow keeps in tune with everything nice and warm deep inside me… as a result of which all things yellow pull me like a magnet (to give you an example, my smartphone sports a most eye-popping lemon yellow skin!), while the combination of yellow and blue is definitely tattooed somewhere on my heart… Thank you, sunflower fields under the bright blue sky! Thank you, daffodils! Thank you, dandelions!

And thank you, pansies!

And thank you, pansies!

All right, now I’m going to set my lyre aside and talk clothes. As you have guessed, my spring/summer palette is based on blues (main colour) and yellows (accents), with some amount of white to dilute the whole. Of course, it doesn’t entail a formal interdiction to wear red or green but you know what I mean. The next months will feature lots of denim (hello, blue jeans!), blue skirts, blue/white tops and my favourite pair of (yellow!) shoes. Summer, where are you? I’m ready!

And what is your fancy colour of the moment?