Chocolate strawberry roll

Do you want to know what is my favourite to-go, no-fail chocolate cake recipe? Hang on, your curiosity will be satisfied in



three seconds!

Ta-daaam! Meet the chocolate-anything roll!


As you can see, this time it was a choco-strawberry roll, but it can as well be a raspberry, cherry or apricot, or pretty much any fruit you can think of roll, or – in the ultimate chocolat-y effort – a choco-chocolate roll!

The recipe isn’t too complicated and – my favourite part – it doesn’t require any fancy ingredients. If you are ready to sacrifice half a dozen eggs and a chocolate bar, you’re good to go! The video recipe and its text equivalent can be found here.

And now I’ll tell you a tale of trouble with a happy ending. Yesterday, as I was separating the eggs for this cake, an accident (most dreaded by home bakers) happened: a yolk broke and landed in a bowl of whites… I scooped out as much of it as I could but the whites were contaminated. As I had exactly 6 eggs and couldn’t start over again, I decided to continue and beat the whites… only to obtain a foamy, frothy but still liquid consistency – far from the mounting peaks you’d expect… Houston? Heeeelp?

Now comes the happy end: I added a teaspoon of baking powder to the yolk-sugar-choco mixture, folded in the whites, called heaven for assistance and shoved the thing into the oven… Tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock… Miracle! The cooked dough looked exactly as it should have!

Moral: ALWAYS separate your eggs ONE BY ONE over a SMALL BOWL and THEN transfer them to the BIG ONE! And in case of emergency, use baking powder!

Good baking, everyone!