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Hi all!

I thought you might like a sneak peek at my new sweater…


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Just don’t tell my son: I’m preparing a very special birthday present for him… One more birthday present, to be exact, for he has already received his oh-so-much-coveted toy railway – nearly a month in advance, but he’s not the one who will complain! (And neither shall I: it’s a super cool Duplo set and I love to play with it almost as much as he does!)


And today I received the yarn for present number two!

I’ve never worked with Jamieson&Smith’s yarns before (the one I’m using is the 2-ply Jumper Weight) and my first impression is: “Geez, it’s so… sticky?” How can I explain… The yarn is somewhat rough and the stitches kind of hold onto each other, pretty much the way a Velcro tape does. I suppose it felts like crazy, so I’ll have to be careful not to throw my samples into the washing machine… But, my ladies, does it look good in colourwork! I’ve used a highly contrasting colour combination for a sample and NOTHING shows through! The sample is a monolith. It’s pure magic! And check all these colours!

J&S yarn

I’ll update you on my progress soon: the present must be ready in two weeks’ time )))

Until then – good knitting, everyone!

Dear Mohair yarn…

"Mohairito" with lemon (C) Iryna Klionava 2014

“Mohairito” with lemon (C) Iryna Klionava 2014

Dear Mohair,

We need to talk. Come over here, take a seat… That’s right… And now listen to me.

Ugh… It’s not easy to say… You know, I like you a lot. I think you’re super cool… Yeah, really, I do… You’re so hot… And you have a wonderful hazy halo… And those silk threads are really a hit… But… well… I’m sorry, Mohair, but it’s all over between us.

I’ve tried hard. I’ve been patient. I’ve spent time and money on you (and you’re not the cheap kind). I’ve tried different stitch patterns. I’ve changed needle sizes… But nothing has worked and today I’m saying good-bye to you.

No, no, please, don’t cry! You’ll find someone else, someone who will love you, and cherish you, and accept all your whims. I can’t. I’ve no strength left to fight you. You, that won’t knit as I wish and then won’t allow me to rip you. You, that won’t take the shape you’re supposed to take. You, the strong-willed, untameable bast… ehm… I mean, darling! Untameable darling.

Anyway… Good-bye, dear Mohair! Fare thee well (and good riddance!)

Trees of Downtown

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post… well, in a way. It’s completely biased because I have been bribed with a gorgeous skein of yarn. Potential sponsors, you are welcome to do the same and if your offer is as good, I’ll be glad to tell everyone about it!


A couple of months ago I was contacted by Jennifer (aka Woolgirl) who asked me if she could use the Liffey pattern to showcase one of the yarns she was offering in her yarn club. “Why not? ” I said to myself. “I have never done it before and it sounds like fun!”


Speed forward several weeks… Some days were good, some days were sad, and some days were better than others… And then, one morning there was a curious rustling sound at the door… and guess what I found stuck half-way in the mail slot? No other than a package from Woolgirl! I rescued it and here I am in possession of a beautiful knitting kit inspired by the Downtown Abbey series! The Trees of Downtown kit includes a skein of yarn, a project bag, a bottle of beads, a cute stitch marker, a tea bag (I bet they’ve been spying on me!) and two patterns, one of which is your old friend Liffey the hat.

PicMonkey Collage

A curious boy is inspecting the contents of the package…

Now about that yarn… Have you ever held a skein of yarn that made you feel like biting into it? I have.



It has a beautiful name: Wasonga. Wasonga by Curious Creek Fibers in the exclusive Trees of Downtown colourway. Green, green and even more green! Soft, squishy, shiny, deliciously bright… But if I were to describe it in one word, it would be “yummy”. Quickly, hide it from me before I take a bite!