Jacket time!

It’s officially jacket time again!

As much as I loved the summer (especially the part when I dipped my toes in salty water), I won’t exaggerate if I call it a total disaster, sartorially speaking. In spite of hours and hours spent reading, thinking and talking about sustainable fashion, I went all the way down the pit of style rut, wearing nothing but jeans, plain black t-shirts and sneakers by the end of August. Oh, and I did wear earrings, but that was the only embellishment I could stand… Call me an ultraminimalist, it’s totally deserved!

But all is going to change now that my favourite season is back!

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10 things I learned from my sister’s visit


  1. Sisters are a girl’s best friends.
  2. I can talk for hours (in spite of being a convinced introvert). We’ve had quite a talking marathon and I could go on for a couple of days/weeks/months.
  3. Old habits don’t go away, they lie dormant until you get around the people you used to “practice” them with. Coffee at 10p.m.? Hell, yes!
  4. Shopping with a like-minded girl is the only kind of shopping that should be legally allowed.
  5. An impromptu picnic in your own backyard is all you need to have fun.
  6. Kids are easily influenced by older kids (much easier than by adults!) and pick up every silly thing in half an instant.
  7. My sugar consumption is ridiculously low, whatever my husband might say.
  8. Kids grow too quickly. Play with them while they still want it.
  9. I miss my people more than I thought.
  10. My self-prescribed cure for sadness is keeping myself as busy as possible. Coffee and chocolate help some, too )))


Things you’ll never have to buy again, part 3

One of the readers has suggested running around naked to save on clothes – or so I understand – and I would gladly adhere if it weren’t so damn cold! We’ve had the worst month of June ever, with too much water and too little sunshine… Even the flowers in the garden seem to disapprove (with one exception), which brings me to today’s piece of wisdom. Let’s talk plants!

If you like a little peps in your plate you’re probably deep into seasoning – and so am I. Basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary – all are frequent and welcome guests in my kitchen. And all of them can cost quite a bit, once dried and packed into nice little containers…

Homegrown, by Iryna Klionava (that's me!)

Homegrown, by Iryna Klionava (that’s me!)

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