The Knitter’s Easter Sheep Egg

In Ukraine, the tradition to colour and paint Easter eggs has existed for centuries. There are plenty of Easter egg types, differentiated by the techniques used, the best known being ‘pysanka’ (from ‘pysaty’ – to write). The motifs used to decorate the eggs have a deep symbolic meaning, e.g. the sun for life, health and longevity, grapes for love, a deer for strength. A pysanka is like a greeting card bringing your loved ones the best (and personalized!) wishes. Now, what can you wish a knitter if not perseverance and what animal can represent it better than a sheep (a ram, to be exact)? So, here is my Easter present for your, fellow knitters! May peace, health and happiness be with you!
Use this pattern in your own project!

– incorporate it into your stranded/intarsia knitting project,
– repeat it twice in the round to make a coaster,
– repeat it three times in the round to make a small bag (like the one in the picture),
– insert it into a square rather than use the egg form,
– use the sheep pattern in smaller projects, e.g. socks, gloves, baby items,
etc., etc.

The pattern is 33 stitches wide at its widest point.

(Click on the picture for full size view)
(Example: a three-sector mini bag)

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