SimplyCity Collection #3

SCC # 3 (SimplyCity Collection # 3)
This ribbed hat is extremely easy to knit and can be worn in several ways.
The model is unisex and will fit both an adult and a teenager.
Form. Function. Fun.

Size: One size. But a very stretchy one.
Yarn: Baya by Cheval Blanc: Bulky/12 ply (7 wpi), 50g=90m (or any other yarn matching the gauge), 2 skeins.

You will need:
  • A pair of normal, double-pointed or circular (for more comfort) needles, metric size 5mm, UK size 6, US size 8
  • One double-pointed needle of the same size
  • Tapestry needle

Gauge: 10cm=16sts in stockinette stitch, on 5mm needles.


st – stitch
R – row
k – knit
wrap 1 – bring yarn to front, slip 1 st onto the right needle, bring yarn to back, slip the st back onto the left needle: the yarn will form a loop around the stitch – this is done to avoid a hole where the short row ends.
k wrap – insert the right needle into the wrap from below and into the stitch as to knit, knit through both: the wrap will remain on the wrong side and the stitch will look just like a regular knit stitch.

If you like to knit and hate to purl this pattern is definitely for you.

With scrap yarn, cast on 40 sts if you want the hat to have a rolled-up rim or 30 sts if you do not want any extra volume around your brow (this variant works better for boys). Join main yarn.

R1: k 40(30). Turn over.
R2 and all even rnds: k all.
R3: k 37(27), wrap 1. Turn over.
R5: k 35(25), wrap 1. Turn over.
R7: k 33(23), wrap 1. Turn over.
R9: k 31(21), wrap 1. Turn over.
R11: k 29(19), wrap 1. Turn over.

R13: k 29(19), k wrap, wrap 1. Turn over.
R15: k 30(20), k wrap, k wrap, wrap 1. Turn over.
R17: k 32(22), k wrap, k wrap, wrap 1. Turn over.
R19: k 34(24), k wrap, k wrap, wrap 1. Turn over.
R21: k 36(26), k wrap, k wrap, wrap 1. Turn over.
R23: k 38(28), k wrap, k1. Turn over.

You have knitted one sector. Repeat R3-24 six more times to get all in all seven sectors. On the last repeat, do not knit R23-24. Do not bind off.

Undo the cast-on picking up the open stitches with a double-pointed needle. Cut the working thread leaving ca. 1m: you will use it to sew the edges of your work. Align the edges and join them invisibly with the help of the Kitchener stitch*. You will weave a purl row on the right side or a knit row on the wrong side of your hat – which one to choose is up to you.

You can also forget altogether the Kitchener stitch, cast on with the main yarn, knit R23-24 on the last repeat, bind off and make a seam on the wrong side. The drawback of this method is that the seam will be visible and that it will stretch less than the rest of the hat.

Finish by stitching a couple of times through the 7 stitches on the top of the hat. Cut yarn and weave in tails.

Wear with pride!

* Learn the Kitchener stitch:

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