On The Wing

I’ve knitted this (as it has turned out to be) neckerchief in order to test a stranded pattern that I’ve designed. The pattern consists of a triangle with a butterfly design in the middle and a spotted background. The combination of 4 triangles gives a square with somewhat wavy sides which, once washed, folded, stretched and ironed, turns into a “winged” neckerchief.
While any yarn and needle size can be used for this project, I recommend the yarn that can be knitted on 3-4 mm needles.

The work begins in the centre of the “square” and continues in a spiral, round after round. The gray borders between the triangles help to mask the transition between the rounds.
You will need:
Yarn – ca. 2 balls (one of each colour) of 50g.
Needles: circular, 120cm, preferred size – 3mm.

CO 8 sts; colour A.
R1: *k1, yo*, rep. around; colour A.
R2: *k1 (colour A), k1 tbl (colour A), yo (colour A), k1 (colour B), yo (colour A), k1 tbl (colour A)*, rep. around.
R3: *k2 (colour A), yo (colour A), k1 tbl (colour B), k1 (colour B), k1 tbl (colour B), yo (colour A), k1 (colour A)*, rep. around.
Continue following the chart, knit tbl all the yo’s.

Finish with a round of simple lace (*ktog, yo*, rep. around) and a couple of knit rounds, add fringe or tassels or leave as is. Wash, shape into form and iron.

Wear with pride!

(Click to enlarge the chart)
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