Dry Land Sailor

Summer is coming – at least, elsewhere, it is – so I thought some of you might already be dreaming about the hot sand and the rustle of the waves… And if, like myself, you have to wait for a while before heading southwards, why not do it with knitting needles in your hands? Nothing is more soothing to a knitter’s longing heart than an easy top pattern with a prospect of wearing the result of your work for that much dreamed of walk on the beach… Now, I know it’s not good to praise oneself but I do think that this one is a pretty clever pattern! It practically knits itself: once you get the hang of the pattern, it’ll be off your needles in no time.

To begin with, a little history; This pattern was first published in the Yarnwise (former Knit!) Magazine in July 2012 under the name “Zigzag tunic”. I prefer to keep the original name though: “Dry Land Sailor” is way more meaningful than a mere statement of the evident fact that the garment in question is a tunic with a zigzag pattern… But what’s been done, has been done. The pattern has made it to the cover of Issue One, so I guess I must be happy and shut up. But if you, dear readers, have the impression that I’m being a little grumpy, let me assure you: it’s not an impression, I am grumpy! Dear Editor of the aforementioned magazine, you can probably guess why. But I’d better not develop this issue here…

And now – to the pattern!


My sample never came back so this is the only picture I have…

Get the pdf here!

The pictures from the magazine are under copyright so I cannot use them unless the photographer gives her permission. You can see the tunic here and here.

Good knitting!

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