Retro love

Hello everyone! Thanks for commenting on the previous post, Cheryl! The mittens keep growing, albeit slowly: unfortunately one cannot knit and learn how to make websites at the same time, so I’m trying to alternate… But I’ll have to knit faster now that the temperatures have fallen below zero. In the meantime, my old mittens will keep me warm as well as they can.

Today I want to tell you about my new passion: retro. If there’s someone to thank for it, it’s my friend Katsiaryna and… modern fashion. The former – for sharing her love of vintage with me and the latter –  for provoking and sustaining in my mind a strong aversion to its practices, as well as its aesthetics…

Let me explain: in our days a “self-respecting” high street fashion retailer is supposed to offer a new collection 12 times a year (it’s what they call mini-seasons): how can one talk about quality or creativity at this rate? The only thing the management cares about is speed: go,go,go, be quicker than the guy next door, produce, always more, always faster! No matter who, or how, just make them deliver before the deadline and the customers will gob it like they always do…

As you rightly guess, I’m done with fast fashion: not completely – it would be impossible – but to as large an extent as I can possibly be. I have no illusions as to a total break-up: I’ll keep buying clothes at X and Y but I’ll take even more care to only buy from them: a) when I really need it and b) when there’s no alternative.

As for the alternatives, buying second-hand (or “new old stock”) is – as I always say – the most responsible way to consume. Another way is making your own: the bonus here is getting praised for your work – a great self-esteem booster! Of course, one cannot make every single item with their own hands… hence the above mentioned points a) and b).

But let me show you something:

Source: Web

Source: Web

This is a vintage box of ladies’ handkerchiefs. Each of them can be used until it disintegrates – that is,  years, if not a whole lifetime. And do they look classy!

And here are their modern counterparts:

Source: Web

They, too, can be used until they disintegrate: that is, once.

See the difference between modern and vintage?

So, my quest from now on will be to get rid of the ugly throw-away products and replace them (at least partially: I suppose I’ll still need a box of tissues next time I catch a bad cold…) with elegant, reusable and eco-friendly vintage pieces. Are you with me?


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