November news

Hello, dears!

I thought you might have been missing me (he he, I keep flattering myself that someone’s actually reading my posts), so here I am, and with not one but two updates!

First, on my knitting/designing self-challenge: we’re progressing! “We” – that’s me and my mittens: we’ve had a couple of epic fights (the one between myself and the thumb gusset was particularly devastating – on both sides) but I think I’m winning… Here, have a look:



And second: look what I have done!

There's a good girl!

There’s a good girl!

It’s only one course out of… ahem… plenty (when it comes to learning new things, I always have the eyes bigger than the stomach))), but I decided to stick to it and I did! And guess what? I’ve already begun the next MOOC! But now that I’ve become wiser, I’m going to tackle them one at a time…

So far, so good. Come back for updates and don’t hesitate to drop me a line – just so I know I haven’t been talking to myself all this time!

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