A fall knitting challenge!

As you know from the previous post, I love autumn. Unfortunately, this year’s autumn often looks like winter, especially in the morning when you can actually see your breath if you bother to look… Brrr! Now, I love autumn but I hate having cold hands – and that’s exactly what you get if you go out early in the morning five times a week to walk your kid to school (and some of the afternoons are hardly any better).

Those hands are crying for help…

Source: Web

Source: Web (tell me if you know the artist!)

Hence – a knitting challenge!

I’m challenging myself to design a pair of gloves before the end of fall (and maybe another one, while I’m at it). There will be two requirements:

a) they should be really, really warm: exit wrist-warmers,  open fingers, lace or any other pattern with holes that lets cold air right in;

b) they shouldn’t make my hands look huge: I have rather big, long-fingered hands mounted on very thin wrists , so I’ll need to find a stitch pattern combination or a construction trick that’ll make them look more balanced.

See if I can come up with a solution!

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