Jacket time!

It’s officially jacket time again!

As much as I loved the summer (especially the part when I dipped my toes in salty water), I won’t exaggerate if I call it a total disaster, sartorially speaking. In spite of hours and hours spent reading, thinking and talking about sustainable fashion, I went all the way down the pit of style rut, wearing nothing but jeans, plain black t-shirts and sneakers by the end of August. Oh, and I did wear earrings, but that was the only embellishment I could stand… Call me an ultraminimalist, it’s totally deserved!

But all is going to change now that my favourite season is back!

I’m a jacket person and fall is a jacket time by default. Enter long sleeves, comfy knits, cosy scarves and closed shoes! Enter yellows and reds and the crystal clear autumn air! Welcome, rain! Hello, mushrooms with shiny, sticky red hats, so bright you’d think they’re made of plastic…

I know I sound sweet, that’s because I hugely enjoy autumn: its calm beauty, its cool weather, even its rain… and its clothes, of course! If style is about showing off one’s assets, then summer is definitely not my season: I look clumsy in short shorts and tiny tops… But autumn! That’s when being tall and skinny really pays off. Pile up layers and stay slender – check! Hide my super long arms by giving them volume and layering sleeves – check! Balance my proportions – double check! Wear scarves! And knits! And oh!

All right, I think my style will be fine again, now that autumn is back!

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