Back to school

It’s that time of the year again! Kids return to school and grown-up kids like me get over-excited and sign up for on-line courses…


Because September 1st! Because I’ll have five hours of quiet time (no singing, no dinosaurs) four days a week! 20 hours per week, guys!

Now, I don’t mind having my kid around (that’s what happens quite naturally for nearly 4 years now) but I absolutely cannot concentrate on things like reading when he’s not asleep. And when he is asleep, so am I. And as soon as I wake up, he does, too! Get up an hour earlier to “have time for myself”? Ha-ha-ha! He’ll wake up five minutes after I leave the bed, burst into the bathroom and brighten my “me-time” with dino songs until I scream.

So, yes, I go nuts at the thought of having that much adult time and I’d better use it wisely. Let’s start by unsubscribing from half of the Facebook pages I follow: what’s the use of “liking” a recipe page if I always Google the recipes I need? Idem for news pages. And shop pages. And if someone told me how to get rid of all those “Friend X likes super-duper page Y” and “Friend X commented on Who’s-that-never-met-her?’s post” notifications without fully unsubscribing from the said friend’s posts, I’d be the happiest Facebook user ever.

But let’s be optimistic: the week promises to be a good one! With the season’s first knitting meeting on Thursday and a market on Saturday, I’ll hardly have time to log into Coursera to take a first peek at my new courses… Well, maybe at night… By the way… WHERE ARE MY EARPHONES?

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