Things you’ll never have to buy again, part 2

In the previous post I explained why you don’t need to buy pyjamas to have pyjamas. Let’s continue with another home-wear item so dear to our heart: the slippers.

Dutch Klompen (wooden shoes). Source: Web

Dutch klompen (wooden shoes). Source: Web

According to a legend, house slippers first appeared in Middle Eastern harems as a cute but cruel anti-escape policy: while perfectly soft and comfortable, they were highly unsuited to long cross-country walks, thus preventing the beautiful concubines from running away… While the story itself is quite improbable (slippers did appear in the Middle East but they were worn by everyone and not just the unfortunate captives), there is a grain of truth in it: the traditional construction of a slipper (no heel, no straps) is both its biggest advantage and its biggest drawback, making it easy to slip off whenever you want to, but also when you don’t! I know from my own experience that toddlers tend to stumble a lot while wearing slippers: my son used to perform nose-dives all the time – until we found a solution…

And it’s very, very simple! House shoes are just what they’re called: shoes. Minus the impermeability and stay-on effect. So, if you want a pair of house shoes you can run outside in (and you may want to run out-of-doors in your house shoes for quite a number of reasons), just choose an old pair of flats and assign them to indoor use. You can thus extend their life while pulling more value out of them – and save on sleepers: double check! (And it’s actually good for the planet, too.)

Any eco-frugal ideas, kids? Please, share!




6 thoughts on “Things you’ll never have to buy again, part 2

  1. KB says:

    Can I protest? You do need to choose an old pair of shoes, or an old T-shirt for pijamas. Just choose shoes and T-shirts and announce them as your slipper or pijamas. Have respect for yourself. I think ballerina shoes are best for indoor use, not outside on the asphalt.

    • klionik says:

      Sure, you can protest! ))
      By “old” I mean “something you already have”, personally, I’d rather keep better-looking shoes for outdoor use and convert an older pair into house shoes, but then it depends on how many pairs you own and what degree of wear is acceptable to you…
      As to ballet shoes, IMHO, they are the worst shoes that have ever existed: paper thin soles and zero support – not for me! Moccasins, on the contrary, are my thing ))

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