Things you’ll never have to buy again, part 1

Green living often implies living with less: the two go perfectly together as nothing reduces your environmental impact better that NOT BUYING things. No, no, I’m not going to tell you to stop buying things altogether – I haven’t reached that shade of green yet! – but what if I told you that you could both have new clothes and save your money? Just read on.

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We pay for plenty of things on a daily basis. Food, water, electricity, heating, etc. Every time you make a cup of coffee or load a dishwasher, you pay. Every time you turn on the light or open the water tap, you pay. Well, you don’t actually put pennies into your espresso machine or phone charger but you know what I mean: things that are supposed to be at our service have gradually become our masters and, unless you’re so pissed off you’re ready to use no other vehicle than your legs, go to bed when it’s dark outside (even if it means 5 p.m.) and shower when it rains, there’s no getting off the grid and, often, no possibility to choose the grid in the first place…

But I digress. What I want to tell you is that you can spare on some things without turning into a caveman (or woman). Let’s begin with an item of clothing that you wear every single day or, rather, night: the pyjamas. Pyjamas are like bottled water: a luxury turned into a norm. And, as if changing into a separate set of clothes before going to sleep weren’t ridiculous enough (yes, I know it’s done to keep the bed clean but ask for your kids’ opinion!), manufacturers keep producing, stores keep selling and you keep buying pyjamas… that is, you did – until today! Because – ta-daam! – you don’t actually need to buy pyjamas to have pyjamas. How so? Here, let’s reflect: pyjamas consist of a t-shirt and a pair of soft pants. Do you have any t-shirts at home? – I bet you do! Long sleeved, short sleeved, macaroni straps – whatever works for you is OK. Bonus: they don’t even have to be new! A stain that won’t come off? A tiny hole or a hem that went undone? Congratulations: you’ve just acquired a new PJ top! How about an old pair of leggings or yoga pants? Have one of those? Cool, meet your new PJ bottom! See? Instant free pyjamas! Repeat as needed.

Of course if you’re really picky about what you wear to sleep, this method won’t work but if you don’t give a damn about what’s on you back, as long as you can hit the pillow, consider yourself a winner!

Do you have any zero waste ideas? Please share in the comments!





6 thoughts on “Things you’ll never have to buy again, part 1

  1. Valerie says:

    I love sweats and a t-shirt for sleep! And buying them second hand at a thrift shop is even more economical. :)
    Hmm, books? You can borrow from friends, family, and/or the library for free – why buy?!

    • klionik says:

      Yes, absolutely, books! You can download some, too ))) I still buy some though… Good knitting books are hard to borrow or buy second-hand: no one would part with them!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have some alternative to offer. So no to Any clothing. Let’s your skin rest. Aloha! Money for a new bag is there!

  3. Jessica Lee says:

    I always sleep with some of my tshirts and tank tops I no longer wear during the day! So simple and cheap :)

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