A little green… woman

Hey, kids! You have all heard me talk about how cool it is to be an environmentalist and now I’m glad to tell you that it’s not just words: I’ve actually taken a couple of steps towards a “greener” life!

First, I’ve begun buying organic and locally produced food, thanks to a local initiative. What they do is let you order the products of your choice and then fetch them directly from the farmers and deliver them to a collecting point which is, in my case, right across the street. Thus, once a week I get market fresh organic strawberries, cheese, yoghurt… Yummy! And if I need to refill my stock, there are three organic food stores in the neighbourhood! (Does it mean organic is becoming the diet of the moment and people are finally getting conscious about what they put on their plates, where it comes from and in what conditions it was grown, harvested, transformed and transported?) Personally, I’m worried about feeding my kid with pesticide-packed fruit or chicken that has never seen sunlight… Yes, I know, call me crazy.

Second, I’ve replaced most of my skin care and make-up products with organic ones: I had to ditch most of the old tubs and bottles over the last year (after checking the expiry dates – passed looong ago), so I thought I might as well choose healthier options: if I’m to use these products on a daily basis, I prefer them to be as harmless as possible!

Third, I’m thinking about starting a mini kitchen patch. I already had mint, thyme and chives growing in the garden and this year I’ve planted wild strawberries (“kidnapped” from the nearby forest) and I’d love to add more herbs and maybe some water-resistant veggies or berries: we’ve had plenty of heavy rain this month, and one has to count with it…

So far, I’m happy with this “green upgrade” of me, I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

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