It takes you by surprise. You’ve just reached your highest level of zenitude and then – pop! – you suddenly feel all bubbly… as if you blood had turned into sparkling wine, sending gazillions of teeny-tiny bubbles right into your brain.

You’re like a child that can’t sit still. You get up and walk around the house, touching things, moving things, dusting things – but it won’t pass, nothing you do seems to work… you’re one tight, buzzing, fidgety clump of unrealised potential and you won’t have peace until you grab something and begin to turn it into something else.

You don’t get relief at once though. Most often than not, you don’t really know what you’re doing, so it keeps tormenting, and tormenting, and tormenting¬† you – until you finally know what you’re doing and how you’re doing it: only then can you shout “Eureka!” and feel safe again…

That’s how creative process happens to me. How about you?


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