Am I the only one…

…who thinks that clothes shops are super counterintuitive?


The other day I had this very impression while shopping at H&M (no publicity meant here, just letting the world know their heroes). HOLY CRAP! I’ve sworn to never put my foot in there again half a dozen times…

Now, if I had a clothes shop, I’d place all the pants in one corner, all the tees in another one and so on. That’s logical, no? If I want to buy a t-shirt, I head to the t-shirt stand and then choose whichever I like most. Right? Well, according to H&M, if I want to buy a t-shirt, the best way for me to proceed is to make a complete tour of their shopping facilities checking every darn stand for an eventual presence of t-shirts. Really, H&M?

Actually, there is plenty of logic in what they do: marketing logic, to be exact. By sending you on a treasure hunt all around the place they force you to check every single piece in the shop. Clever, huh? Well, I won’t be made fool of next time: I’m back to online shopping: there at least they let you choose the category first… Oh, and if an item is in the web shop then it’s actually available for purchase, unlike the “real” stores where they never seem to have the dress you’ve seen online…

Never, never again!

P.S. Well, at least until the next time my kid urgently needs new tees… The kids’ section arrangement wasn’t that bad after all…

2 thoughts on “Am I the only one…

  1. Marny CA says:

    In 1995, my husband had to be in Singapore for 2 weeks (which turned into 2.5 months!) and I had to fill my time, didn’t I? So, other than sightseeing the entire island I shopped.

    What I learned quite fast is that everything is a specialty, which means that if fabric is wanted you have to go to one building, if thread is needed, that’s a different building in another part of town; if needles are needed that is yet another trip to another area of the city/state.

    It sure gets the tourists around (and around and around).

    Maybe things have changed now.

    • klionik says:

      Yep! Where’s the logic? It would be much more convenient to have everything in one place… Or maybe it’s their strategy of fighting excess weight? Like, making people run around… ;)

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