The little things


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In the true spirit of minimalism, I’m doing my best to enjoy the little things in life,  while trying to remember about the big ones… Here is my short-list of the moment:

  • Sunshine: albeit intermittent, it is definitely back (and very welcome)! The sky is blue again and the spirits are high!
  • Fresh strawberries: the strawberry season has just begun and you can already find local produce (the greenhouse ones, of course). I’m planning to plant some, too, hoping they won’t be ALL eaten by the critters and crawlers!


  • Lots of hugs and love declarations from my boy. This kid has learned to say “I love you, mummy!” Now if there’s anything to keep my heart warm…
  • New earrings (they made quite a sensation at my last knitting meet-up!) and lovely yarn that I’m yearning to work with – but it’ll have to wait because of all the UFOs* flying above my head… (*UFO is a knitting term meaning “UnFinished Object”)


  • Gardening: so far, I have planted red and pink carnations and, with the help of Mr. I’m-not-a-baby-I’m-a-big-boy! (and to his great enjoyment) prepared a flower bed by the back wall of the garden. With a little luck (and if the ants don’t eat the seeds), we’re going to have plenty of semi-wild flowers this summer! And in pinks and yellows, if you please!


  • Jane Austen: I’m reading her for the first time in my life (yes, at my age!) and enjoying her plotting skills quite a bit!

And what are your little pleasures this spring?

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