Baking News: Mini Fruit Cakes

As you know, my boy has recently celebrated his birthday… which means… birthday party! Which means… cake! Or, to be exact, cakes. One big cake for the home and a multitude of fruit cakes to share with his schoolfellows.

Here’s the big one: I used this recipe for the sponge, layered it with whipped cream, glazed with melted chocolate and decorated with hearts ( his idea). It was the first time I decorated a cake (see those shaky lines?) but everyone was happy all the same!


And here are the fruit cakes! Oh, the taste of them! I’m absolutely making those for my own birthday. And for Christmas. And for all other holidays. And on workdays too. Who cares for cream and pâte feuilletée if they can have a slice of a moist, rich, fruit-filled, orange-scented cake? Certainly not me! I’m a cake girl!

I followed this recipe, using the dried fruit I had in stock (raisins, candied papaya, candied cherries and almond flakes) and making mini cakes in my IKEA mould (the cells are smaller than muffins, 4cm across and straight rather than widening at the top). The only precaution to take while baking this cake(s) is to butter and flour your mould(s) really well – or you’ll curse your head off trying to pull the crumbling b…stards out of their cells (that’s what happened with my first batch: half of the cakes came out broken. Luckily, I still had enough batter and the second batch popped out without any resistance). Except that – they are perfectly perfect. And the crumbs tasted just as good )))







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