Just don’t tell my son: I’m preparing a very special birthday present for him… One more birthday present, to be exact, for he has already received his oh-so-much-coveted toy railway – nearly a month in advance, but he’s not the one who will complain! (And neither shall I: it’s a super cool Duplo set and I love to play with it almost as much as he does!)


And today I received the yarn for present number two!

I’ve never worked with Jamieson&Smith’s yarns before (the one I’m using is the 2-ply Jumper Weight) and my first impression is: “Geez, it’s so… sticky?” How can I explain… The yarn is somewhat rough and the stitches kind of hold onto each other, pretty much the way a Velcro tape does. I suppose it felts like crazy, so I’ll have to be careful not to throw my samples into the washing machine… But, my ladies, does it look good in colourwork! I’ve used a highly contrasting colour combination for a sample and NOTHING shows through! The sample is a monolith. It’s pure magic! And check all these colours!

J&S yarn

I’ll update you on my progress soon: the present must be ready in two weeks’ time )))

Until then – good knitting, everyone!

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