Death by chocolate

So, have you been missing my food pictures? In this case you’re going to get your treat right now! We can talk later ;)


All right, now listen (I doubt if you can talk with your mouth watering like this): these are THE. BEST. CHOCOLATE. COOKIES. EVER. Believe me, I’m an expert chocolate cookie eater.

The good news is, you can bake them too. Here’s the recipe and here’s the video showing Martha Stewart making them. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Death by chocolate

      • kbsalazar says:

        Ours are dome shaped, with a fudgy, brownie like center, and a slightly crisper crust. We tend to make them at the holidays, when cookies are abundant. They don’t all get eaten right away. By the end of a week or so in an airtight tin, they’re harder and more uniform throughout, but not stale.

      • klionik says:

        Now you really got me hooked! It’s true that MS’s recipe isn’t the easiest one: I usually start cursing her, myself and my chocolate cravings when it’s time to roll the dough into balls… the dough is very, very sticky! I’ll try your recipe next time I need a chocolate cookie fix )))

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