Raspberry or strawberry?

You can call me a snob but I have to tell you one thing about expensive yarn: when you pay for quality, it’s totally worth it!

I have recently bought several skeins of one such yarn… Ever since I laid my hands on it (both literally and figuratively), I can hardly resist the desire to top it with whipped cream and chocolate sauce and feast on it while nobody’s watching.

Its colour… Mmm… How can I describe its colour? It’s very “berry”, but it’s hard to say whether it’s strawberry or raspberry, because it’s kind of both. There’s a subtle variation in the tint that will give the knitted fabric a mysterious shimmer, like that of a precious stone.

alpaca-colour-closeAnd I’m not telling you how soft it is! Oh, actually, I am… It’s as soft as the belly of a kitten freshly washed with a hair conditioner… It’s as soft as the ears of a baby alpaca… Oh, wait, it is baby alpaca! Anyway, you’ve got the idea.

And if you want me to put a name on it, it’s Alpaca colour by Rowan, shade 138 “Ruby”. (There are also “Agate”, “Emerald”, “Topaz” and so on. You can check the whole assortment on Rowan’s website).

I have never worked with this yarn before, so I cannot tell you how it behaves when you knit or how well it wears, but so far it looks very promising. I’m casting on as soon as possible and then – time will show!

2 thoughts on “Raspberry or strawberry?

  1. kbsalazar says:

    Conversely, there’s nothing more frustrating than to shell out for an expensive yarn, expecting luxury and high quality, only to find fatal flaws – a zillion knots in each skein, unplied/poorly spun sections, crocking dye, slubs where none should exist, overtwist and severe kink – you know the drill. That’s one reason why I started the wiseNeedle yarn review collection aeons ago. That’s now been superseded by larger, aggregator websites including Ravelry and Nimblestix, but reading all those reviews left me with a lesson. Price does not always equate to value. It’s always worth investigating user reviews to see if you indeed will be getting what you pay for. In this case, it looks like Rowan delivered for you. Best wishes for happy project success with your yummy looking acquisition!

    • klionik says:

      This is why I never buy online: I only trust my own eyes and fingers! I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the absence of knots in this yarn (skeins:5, knots:0) and its smoothness. For the story: I have just finished a neckerchief in Malabrigo Silky Merino that I received as a present several years ago and, as I want to repeat it in a different yarn that has similar weight and look, I’ve done my investigations on Ravelry (by the way, I didn’t know about your website, I’ll definitely go and look!) and this is how I found Alpaca Colour. Then, a couple of days ago, I was passing by a yarn store… well, OK, I went there deliberately ))) and they actually had it (and it’s winter sales time!). I checked it, then went through all the DK yarns stand… and came back to the first one.
      As to the famous Malabrigo… I had four skeins in two colours: I used two for a project and they weren’t exactly the same colour. I used one more to knit a cowl and it was more or less fine. As to the last one, it’s still waiting. One thing I don’t like about this yarn is its highly varying thickness: this might be intentional but I’d have enjoyed it more if it were more uniform. So much for the “luxury yarn” brand…

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