Mousse au chocolat

Warning: this post may provoke an irrepressible craving for chocolate. Read at your own risk.

Photography and cooking are two fields where you can only learn by doing… So I keep practicing!

Here is my latest recipe test: a rich chocolate mousse from l’Essentiel du chocolat in lovely yoghurt pots from La Fermière. I have used dessert chocolate instead of dark and I’d suggest adding more egg whites to make the mousse lighter, but on the whole, it’s a treat! Oh – what am I saying – it’s such a treat! It’s so good you’d swallow your tongue and never notice!

Now about the pictures: they are taken with my good old point-and-shoot camera (that is, a common “home use” camera you can buy at any hi-fi store), with the natural light coming from above and behind. The props (dishes, spoons etc.) all come from my kitchen. As to the subject, it ended up in my stomach )))

m-choc1m-choc2So, who’s reaching for chocolate right now? Or are you already munching? ;)


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