She bakes, too…

she-bakes-collage-noframeYou should know by now that I’m an incurable knitting addict, but you probably ignore that I have another time-consuming hobby: baking. And if I’ve kept you in the dark all this time, it’s not without a reason… I’m not that shy about my pastries: in fact, I think they’re quite good (and I’m surrounded by people who are of the same opinion). So the problem wasn’t the lack of evidence but rather, the lack of quality pictures thereof.

When it comes to photographs, it’s my strong conviction that only the bestest of the best should be allowed to go public. Mine weren’t good enough, so I began to scan the Web for food photography tips and tutorials and now, after some practice, I like the result a little more. The turning point came when I emailed several pictures of bagels to my Mum: she wrote back saying the bagels looked so great she could actually smell them! Then I knew it was time to come out of the woods and show the world who’s the master!

I’m joking, of course! But it gave me confidence in my photography intuition (I think it’s a bit early to talk about “skills”) and the impulse to go on learning. I have recently enrolled in a photography MOOC, so you’ll soon see more and – hopefully – better pictures on this blog. Wish me good luck!

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