Why knitting is good for you

If you need a reason to knit, I can give you five!

1. Knitting promotes peace.

knitting t-rexWhen there’s electricity in the air, knitting allows you to capture the destructive negative energy and transform it into a harmless mechanical movement, thus helping to maintain peace on Earth in general and your immediate surroundings in particular.

2. You can do it in public.

There are no age restrictions. Scientific research has shown no durable damage to the health of babies and infants (and adults) who have been exposed to knitting. (Just make sure to keep those pointy needles out of the kids’ reach!)

3. It burns calories.

If sport is movement, than knitting is one!

4. It saves time.

Source: amazon.co.uk

Source: amazon.co.uk

A true knitter won’t waste her time on useless stuff, as long as she can knit. (Beware an over-dedicated knitter though: they tend to see any occupation other than knitting as “useless stuff”!)

5. Knitting is love.

A hand-knitted present is just another way to say “I love you”. Every stitch of that ugly reindeer sweater Granny gave you last Christmas is a quintessence of warmth, kindness and devotion. (Tip: if you don’t want to receive an owl sweater next year, offer your Gran a subscription to a classy knitting magazine: it will both show her that you appreciate her hobby and give her a source of inspiration for future projects.)

Need any more reasons?




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