Today I’m getting the job done


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Warning: Dear parents of multiple children, please, abstain from reading (or, if you do read, please, don’t call me silly: I understand how ridiculous it all sounds to you. All I can say in my defence is I’m a first time mum of a single child, so, while I’m talking nonsense, why don’t you go and check one of the knitting posts?)

Today I have learned a lesson: with the kid(s) around, it is NEVER the right moment, so, if you have to do the job (any job whatsoever), just clench your teeth, step out of your comfort zone and get the darn thing done. Or forget it.

It’s a nice sunny day somewhere near the end of November. You look at your dusty windows and they look scornfully back at you. You decide it’s the perfect time for the end-of-season cleaning: in fact, it’s probably THE ONLY time (before next April) when you can open the windows without the risk of catching a double-sided pneumonia. You look at your toddler, then at your watch: in less than half an hour he will be asleep and then you’ll get the job done. Quickly, efficiently and ALONE.



Of all days, your little sweet pea decides that he doesn’t actually need a nap.

BINGO! Now you have to deal with the cleaning AND the kiddo or say goodbye to any hope of keeping your place in a relatively decent condition… So? To clean or not to clean?

I used to back off in this kind of situations: after all, nobody is going to die because of dusty windows… And tomorrow is another day and the circumstances might be more favourable…



You forget one thing: children are unpredictable. They are still learning to be part of the big picture and you cannot always expect them to fit in seamlessly and perform “adult” tricks like self-control, self-discipline and sticking to schedules. (Even adults sometimes fail to do it, and more often than you’d expect.)

For your sanity’s sake, when you make a plan, always include the surprise factor. And remember: IT IS NEVER THE RIGHT TIME! Which means, the right time is WHEN YOU DECIDE IT IS. It took me some effort to figure it out, this is why I’m sharing this newly acquired wisdom with you, my friends. When you have to do the job, just do it. Because… well… this is the only way to get it done.

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