Beware the ‘Vaders!

As you probably know, toddlers have a tendency to outgrow new clothes quicker than you can say “get dressed!”, which, combined with the aversion to all things new, can turn your life into a battlefield of epic proportions. I don’t know if all toddlers (or all boys, or any kid other than mine) ever do it, but Mr. Toddler has to put on a show every time he’s presented with a new item of clothing: he would say “No!” and run away and, when forced to put things on, he’d cry and wriggle like a colicky newborn… He does it so well that we actually bought him a second pair of shoes before realizing it was just a comedy.

So… we bought him a new winter jacket (I skip the details to preserve your nervous system) and, of course, the last year’s hat didn’t match. So I “had to” knit him a new one. To design a new one, to be exact. I began by searching the web for a simple pixelated character and this is how I met Space Invaders (aren’t they super cute? I’m not a gamer but definitely a fan!). Unfortunately, these little aliens are under copyright and, to be frank, I find them somewhat too scary for a two year old, so I have created my own version: they are slightly taller and friendlier-looking (but still willing to conquer the Earth, so beware all the same!). Thanks to the sprint knitting method, I have finished the hat in a week. I had to use a different yarn to finish the lining (shh! I never told you!) and my stranded knitting could have been better but on the whole, I’m very happy with the result: the hat is extra warm (one stranded layer plus the lining, all 100% wool), it looks funny and my Mr. No wears it like a good boy. I have even invented a trick or two while working on it (what I adore about knitting is that it allows you to grow with every project!) but I won’t tell you unless I decide to publish the pattern ;)

But you want to see the hat, don’t you? Here you go!




Ta-daaam! Meet the ‘Vaders!

Beware the 'Vaders!

Beware the ‘Vaders!

P.S. In case you’re wondering about my son’s reaction to his new hat, it was “Oh, no! Oh, no!” once again… I would have been surprised to hear anything else…

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