Sprint knitting

If you keep track of what’s going on in the knitting world, you have probably heard of speed knitting. In case you didn’t, here is how you do it: cast on, launch the stopwatch and go, go, go! Every now and then, a speed knitting competition is organized that brings forward a new champion. There’s even a Guinness Book entry for speed knitting! The current Guinness record holder is Miriam Tegels from the Netherlands, with 118 sts per minute. (The speed record has been beaten multiple times since 2006, but the Guinness guys weren’t there…)

This is all nice and cool, but where am I trying to lead you? Well, a rocket knitting speed is an obvious advantage, but you won’t probably be able to go on for hours, unless you have a couple of robotic arms attached to your torso… And here is where the concept of sprint knitting enters the stage!

I’ll describe sprint knitting from a mum’s point of view but it can easily be applied to any busy person: just replace the word “kid” by whatever factor prevents you from becoming a full-time knitter…

Just like in sport, sprint knitting means running (er… I mean, knitting) at your top speed for a short period of time. This is how you do it:

Step 1: find a distraction for your kid that will last at least a couple of minutes;

Step 2: grab your knitting and go, go, go! until the kid loses interest in what he was doing;

Step 3: clean the mess produced by the kid while you were busy knitting.

Repeat whenever an opportunity presents itself. Get proactive and create opportunities. Life’s too short to spend time on complaining about not having time to knit!

And if you really don’t have time to knit, consider getting yourself one of these…

2 thoughts on “Sprint knitting

  1. chrisknits says:

    As a knitting instructor I always had to refute those who wished to change from English to continental to increase their output. If it came natural to them, great, but to struggle and fret wasn’t productive. I had to delve into just what they thought was going to happen by switching. Discussing the fact that I was highly productive in the knit output was because I was a SAHM mom with little obligations and lots of knitting opportunity helped them see the issue better. It’s the time you have to devote to knitting that helps produce items.

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