Our cat speaks English!


That is, he doesn’t really, but now he does, for educational purposes.

Living in a mixed family, our son is constantly exposed to three languages and, miraculously, it seems to work for him. He has the habit of asking the names of things the way mama says them, the way papa says them and the way his half-sister says them. And since recently, he has also been showing interest in our cat’s “language”. First I told him that the cat only said “meow” but then, as he kept asking, I had a “light bulb moment”… and now our feline is an authentic English speaker!

Raising a multilingual child is much fun and easier than one might think! Just talk to him and his brain will do the rest. And as a bonus, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to laugh your head off as he struggles to combine all the languages he knows in one sentence!

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