Fall in colour

The official beginning of autumn is just a couple of days away and, as your personal style guru, I feel it my duty to brief you on this year’s Fall fashion trends. Here is what, according to the colour experts at Pantone, you should be wearing right now.

(C) Pantone (ww.pantone.com)

(C) Pantone (www.pantone.com)

Now, if you ask me, this is one curious choice of colours! There are three purples and two blues, but not a single orange, and the yellow and brown are disappointingly bleak. All of this to match the colour of the year, Radiant Orchid, which is a vague medium between lavender, lilac and mauve.

(C) Pantone (www.pantone.com)

(C) Pantone (www.pantone.com)

To tell you the truth, I’m not overly enthusiastic about the purple part of the spectrum in general and purple orchids in particular: I’ve had an overdose of both during this last couple of years (and the only orchid I care about right now is the one that produces vanilla beans, but it’s a totally different story…) and I’m not quite over it just yet. (Does your neighbour grow orchids too?)

But let’s go back to our colours. For those not allergic to purple the good news is, there’s a lot of it. For the rest of us, still willing to make bold colour statements, there’s the (usual) choice between red and blue (you have seen the yellow, brown and green: they look dusty and tired…). Personally, I’d opt for the red, because it’s the only unequivocally warm colour in the whole palette: remove it – and you’ll see the snowflakes falling… But after all, who said that autumn cannot be like this?

Source: Web

Source: Web

In fact, I’m pretty sure that it will be like this, at a certain point. But for my part, I prefer this kind of autumn, don’t you?


Source: Web

P.S. You can read the complete Pantone fashion colour report here.

P.P.S. Forget about fashion, create your own style with your favourite colours! It’s your guru speaking!

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