The silence before the… Supernova!


It’s probably too big a word, but it describes my excitement with a good precision: I’m about to launch one more blog!

The idea dawned on me just like that… I live in a French-speaking location and I’ve always been in a state of cold war with this language: I never really liked French music or literature (although I’m beginning to find authors I actually like) and I never felt the need to go deeper than necessary into the intricacies of the French grammar… until recently. I don’t know why or how it happened. I must have accumulated enough “miles” of exposure to French or something of the kind, because, all of a sudden, I began to write in French, and not simply write, but write children’s poetry.

You can stop reading if you think I’m crazy because I probably am, and contagious, too. Anyway, my love of knitting and my newly (well, not so new, but definitely unprecedented in this language) discovered poetic skills have prompted the idea of a new blog. In French.

I’m working on the layout right now, all while the content is creating itself: ideas get written down, knitted, crafted, photographed… and I hardly manage to keep up with their gallop (for they do gallop!). I’m surfing on the wave of inspiration hoping it’ll stay with me for a good while…

Stay with me for updates! When new pattern appear, there will be an English version too!


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