Early to rise

sleeping beautyIt’s 6 a.m. and I’m already facing a choice. Suddenly, I have an hour or two to myself. I woke up early today, at 4:45 to be precise, pulled out of sleep by the second alarm-clock that my husband forgot to silence when the first one went biiip. It woke me and the baby as well but we nursed and settled back to sleep and then the second alarm set off… Miraculously, the baby went on sleeping, and here I am with all this free time on my hands.

Of course, I could hug the pillow once again, this is what I usually do when my husband works early in the morning, but not today. Today my brain has decided it has had enough sleep and could as well do some work, so I start by slipping out of bed, doing my best not to wake the baby, and head to the kitchen to fuel up. A banana goes down, sniffed with suspicion and proudly rejected by the cat. Dirty bastard, he nearly bit my foot off last night and now he’s as sweet as honey, purring and all. I share a piece of cake with the cat, keeping an eye on the baby, checking that he hasn’t rolled out of bed: you see, he has been sleeping in our bed, again. All I can say in his defence is that he has slept through the night today, a whole 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep! This is why, for once, I feel so rested. And I still have an hour or maybe even two all to myself.

So what shall I do with all this time? Read? Study? Hang around on Facebook? Knit? Anything that doesn’t require leaving the bedroom will do. Oh, the hard choice!

P.S. I finally decided to read. Reading is one thing you cannot do with a child on the premises: unlike browsing, it requires concentration, preferably more than two seconds at a time. Mmm, reading in bed, you feel so good!

P.P.S. How many minutes passed before the baby woke up? Ten! Ten minutes of reading bliss and there he was, fully awake and beaming, and ready to play! Well, at least he left me enough time to write this post…


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