This year’s first knitting project

Looking through the last year’s knitting projects on my Ravelry page I have noticed two alarming tendencies:

  1. I didn’t knit much.
  2. I have been extremely unselfish.

In fact, I only made one piece for myself.

If you remember my New Year resolutions, “knit me a sweater” stands black on white somewhere in the middle of that optimistic list of mine. And – ta-daam! – here is this year’s first knit: a cabled sweater by Bergère de France, for nobody but me! I’ve only worked 9 rows of the back and front (I prefer to knit them simultaneously) but I’m already patting myself affectionately on the head repeating “Good girl! Good girl!”

2014-project1I fell in love with this sweater as soon as I saw it: an original cut, a dream neckline, 3/4 sleeves, cables all over… everything fits in perfectly. The only detail I’ve changed is the gauge: my yarn is thinner (and so are my needles), so I’m following the L size instructions to get an M size sweater.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress. And until then –

Good knitting to everyone!

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