Happy New Year!


May this year bring you happiness, whatever “happiness” is to you.

And now, enter the New Year resolutions! I’m almost sure that by the end of 2014 my “long list” will shrink to a “short list” of just two entries, “Stay sane” and “Knit”, but a promise is a promise (and don’t forget the New Year magic!), so here we go:

  1. Learn to get up earlier. This will be a hard one, being a late sleeper and breast-feeding on demand… but God knows I need that extra hour! Actually, I need it both ways but one has to choose and we don’t live forever…
  2. Get a regular brain workout. As much as staying at home with a toddler all day long can be emotionally rewarding, fun and whatever you might call it, I’m sure that my brain can go beyond the ABC rhymes. It can go as far as “The Modern and the Postmodern Literature” and “Corpus Linguistics” and so it will! In fact, I have already enrolled in a couple (hm… all right, eight so far…) MOOCs, first of which starts in three days (MOOCs are free online courses, check websites like Coursera or edX to learn more). My idea is to actively participate in the language related courses and to simply watch the videos for the rest of them, which cuts the effort by half. I think I can do it. (Hm!)
  3. Cut down on chocolate. Every list must include an impossible task – here is mine. I’ll eat less chocolate only if you feed me more cookies and I’m not sure which one is worse… In Belgium you are spoilt for choice and every self-respecting town has at least one maître chocolatier (that is, master chocolate maker). Thanks God I don’t live in Brussels, I’d just raise my hands and surrender straight away! I might try to have a chocolate free day once a week and see if it works (it won’t) or just accept myself the way I am. After all, I only buy good chocolate/s and I don’t care for candy, jellies and the like… (See, I’ve already begun a speech in defence of my addiction… An impossible task, but let’s keep it all the same).
  4. Wean my baby boy. I had a difficult start and was happy to be able to breastfeed, but now that I’ve been doing it for 14 months (and I’m not ready to stop just yet), I’m beginning to think that, sooner or later, it will have to end. I love the cosy, cuddly closeness with my child and that my breasts finally deserve being called the name but I also miss wearing the clothes I like, I miss the taste of my meals (I could shove down a plate of cat food and never notice what’s wrong with it) and I miss a couple of kilograms, too: in spite of grazing all day, I stay hopelessly underweight – that little guy just pumps it all out! Breastfeeding is undeniably good for your baby but it leaves you thirsty, hungry and dog-tired and one day it must end.
  5. Style up. Oh well, at least buy clothes of matching colours… And while we’re at it, purge my wardrobe.
  6. Knit me a sweater. Because I deserve it!
  7. Start driving. I received my driving license shortly before getting pregnant and I haven’t driven since. The mere thought of having an accident with my child at the back seat (or, at first, in my belly) made my blood freeze, then boil, then freeze again. So I hung up my car keys. I know it’s silly but I could and I did. This year I must kick myself back into the driver’s seat. Wish me good luck.
  8. Write more. With the courses I’m going to take and the changes to my blog, I’ll have all the opportunities I might wish for. And – who knows – I might be ready to participate in NaNoWriMo this year…
  9. Yes, you’ve read it correctly: there are changes coming. This blog has been dedicated exclusively to my knitting experiences but I have more to share. Over the years I’ve started and dropped a series of side-blogs but now I realise that what I need is not a multitude of places to talk about a multitude of things but a single place where I can talk about everything. So, Knotting Noodles is going to get a face lift!
  10. Hm, what else? Oh yes, knit and stay sane! And leave some place for the unexpected, too!

A happy New Year to all of you!

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