It’s that time, again!

If New Year didn’t exist, someone should have invented it. Really, what can be better than to find yourself facing that immaculately blank page (once again) and promise your inner censor that (this time) you’ll fill it with lovely handwritten pearls of wisdom and style (and not just the usual crap)?
New Year magic isn’t a fairytale, it exists. Meals become more generous, strangers smile at you in public places and slowly but steadily, that feeling grows in you once again. You become optimistic. In spite of all. In spite of yourself. Snowfalls wreck communication lines (or rivers jump out of their beds and flood all the caves in the neighbourhood) but we mortal sinners just go on standing there gazing at the starry (or cloudy) sky above and wondering whatever has made it so big and beautiful. And (once again), as we look up in wonder, our eyes catch glimpses of words like “new” and “opportunity” written in friendly looking letters all across, words that make us feel young, and clever, and determined.
Most of us will forget it by mid-February but it works every year. Magic, just as I told you.

It’s that time again and, just like the rest of you, I can’t but feel optimistic. I’m taking my New Year resolutions, seriously. I promise you to make a long comprehensive list of them in my next post and to stick to it religiously – at least until the end of the next month.

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